So many Car Brokers… How do u pick the right one?? ??‍♂️

As one of the first brokers in the game it’s very frustrating as more and more people get a brokers license and dilute the market. This business is not a Joke and shouldn’t be taken lightly. When a person is buying a home they hire a realtor. Someone they can trust, somebody professional that is […]

Join SMG in the fight to end Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer can be a often extremely traumatic battle for everyone involved….the monetary expense alone, can often times, make the fight ‘that much’ harder.  This October, SMG wants to help make the breast cancer fight a little less stressful by contributing to the Susan G Komen Foundation with our SMG Pink Plates Movement. For over […]

Why Leasing Makes Sense

For common leasing terms, please visit our FAQ for a full list. At SMG, our brokers constantly discuss why leasing makes sense to the majority of customers.  The number 1 thing we hear is: I don’t want to pay for 3 years and have nothing to show for it at the very end. The truth is […]