So many Car Brokers… How do u pick the right one?? ??‍♂️

As one of the first brokers in the game it’s very frustrating as more and more people get a brokers license and dilute the market. This business is not a Joke and shouldn’t be taken lightly. When a person is buying a home they hire a realtor. Someone they can trust, somebody professional that is an expert in their filed right??

The DMV has made it so easy to get a brokers license that every body out there has been getting one!! I’m just putting this out there so the consumers beware of who they are hiring to handle this transaction for them. More than likely you will get a kid on the phone that is working from home and tries to sell 2 or 3 cars a month and make himself 2 grand or so.

Need to ask yourself is this person really going to save u money? If I’m going to hire somebody to find me a house or a car or anything special better believe I will make sure this person is an expert in that field.

Volume is also a key factor. You want to hire a broker that pushes out large numbers. That’s where the “bulk buying” discount kicks in.

If you are going to pay somebody for as Service make sure u are being consulted, advised properly, dealing with somebody knowledgeable not just someone trying to move metal and make a quick buck, and most important somebody who cares!!

I’ve been doing this for a long time, I’m truly passionate about cars and love guiding people into the right direction and putting smiles on their faces!! I’m always around and can be reached via email at or hit me direct on my cell at 310.775.5770 call or text. Thanks for reading. If u want to get to know me better and see that my life revolves around cars check out my Instagram page it’s @SMG_Clyde

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