2017 Monterey Car Week Highlights

There might be no other place on earth like Monterey, California during Car Week, where the sun and the sand come together, overlooking pounding surf, defiant cliffs, windswept trees—and millions of dollars in cars.

During Monterey Car Week, this beautiful Bugatti Chiron made an appearance to several shows. This “Hellbee” is the first Chiron to take delivery to a customer in the United States since Bugatti Released the vehicle. With all of the added charges and fees, this particular Chiron cost about $2,998,000 before adding any of the options! 

Along with the Bugatti Chiron (Hellbee), this very brightly colored MSO 720S also made an appearance at Car week with its matching Rolls Royce Dawn. The paint on the Mclaren 720s is actually the paint that Rolls Royce used, called “Fux Fuchsia”.  This Mclaren and matching Dawn made everyones head turn when they drove down the streets of Monterey!

To add to the excitement, 11 Koenigseggs showed up and stole the show! It is rare to see 1 or 2 in the same place, but 11 is just ludacrious! Monterey Car Week was the largest gathering of Koenigseggs cars ever in North America! Sadly, the Koenigsegg One:1 did not attend the show, which would have been the most powerful Koenigsegg out of the 11, making about 1,341- horsepower. If you have never attended Monterey Car Week before, try to attend next year and you just might come across a Koenigsegg, or 11 of them! 




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