Dodge Demon

The recent release of the Dodge Demon caused a huge up roar in the car scene. This beast is a 9 second drag car with 840 horsepower, that somehow was made into a street legal monster. This car is available to anyone who wants to pay $85K, but when you buy the car, you have to sign an acknowledgement form agreeing to take full responsibility when using any of the cars features, which may result with popping a wheelie.

The Dodge Demon’s design was made with racing in mind. Everything about this car was made for a drag racer. The interior of the Demon is stripped to the bare minimum in order to reduce the weight of the car. The standard interior on a demon comes with 1 driver seat, a steering wheel, and a basic dash. There is no sound deadening material, no passenger seat, and no back seat. Although the car comes with almost nothing in it, you have the option to add most of these items into it for only $1 each.

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