Civic Type R

This is not your ordinary Honda. The all-new Civic Type-R is Honda’s most recent car that everyone is going crazy about, but in order to get one you have to pay $10,000 to $15,000 over MSRP! Now what makes this car so special? The Civic Type-R was built around performance and practicality. This car finished with a record-setting 7:48.8 around the Nurburgring, making it one speedy car.


The Civic Type R has 3 Driving modes: Comfort, Sport and +R. In comfort mode, all of the harsh bumps of the city streets are polished off, making it a smooth and comfortable ride for those long commutes and trips. When put into sport mode, the ride gets a little more firm for a sporty feel, making it a mode in which most enthusiast drivers could use. When put in +R mode, the ride gets even more firm, making those little bumps felt. 

The overall performance of the car is outstanding. The precision of the steering and its ability to fly around corners with such stability and speed is absolutely ludicrous. The car also extremely engaging when driving in +R mode, making it fun and rewarding to drive. If you can get past the looks of the car, the Civic Type-R will not let you down.  


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